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Leaked emails reveal tucker carlson and his brother are even more awful than you thought | alternet

Anyone could just make this shit up and pass it off as fiction, it would get e-mailed around a few times and be forgotten. For instance, why seek out sex with a “midget” or a “deaf girl”? why simple! “it’s a novelty,” max says. His whole hook is that these stories are “true. While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. I will note that he indeed doesn’t use the word as you define it. That it had banned “veep” creator paul ianucci’s satirical film about the final days of josef stalin and the power struggle after his death, citing “extremist” content. I can’t wait until he disappears.

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Daily show host trevor noah clowns tucker carlson for saying kids protesting gun violence arent citizens (video)Oh go fuck yourself with a tiki torch, tucker carlson - wonkette

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Tucker the asshole. He projects stiff-upper-chin waspishness because that is exactly who he is. Eric has it hard for the new kid, but he’s done so many terrible things in his life he isn’t sure he deserves someone like the pretty boy he stares at when no one is looking. But it is getting a little hard to keep up. Jobs are being lost either to foreigners overseas or to foreigners on our own turf. On the one hand, i could argue that it was reasonable for him to give off the “i don’t give a rip about this party” vibe–it was, after all, a mindless affair.

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Because we can always make more marbles. One of the things” he doesn’t like about some of the nazis is how they are racist.

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