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Name that trauma:: kristine on a giant glue trap made for people

Because that’s a less disturbing conversation centering around being “stuck. And it was all caught in my hair. I think i may have seen a cat in one for a split second before i bailed. Humans are so bent out of the norm that i’m surprised i’m still allowed to be a member. Don’t ask how, i just knew there is a fetis about everything, in fact i was just about to start wrighting one from a spam comment i got the other day. As in ‘hot and bothered. At least we know the person still keeping elmer’s in business.


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Judge doom stuck in rat glue | rats: wtf- watch and download video


Stuck in glue fetish. These fetishes while specific may not be mutually exclusive, and some stuck fetishists may gain sexual arousal from more than one of these scenarios, and in some instances the scenarios might be confined (e. I am laughing so hard. Given the inherent medical dangers inherent in some of the scenarios (such as playing with superglue or cement), the most likely way of case studies entering the academic literature will be in the form of medical papers reporting on cases where something untoward and/or life-threatening occurs. Wet and messy fetishism.

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I get at least 10 hits a day from people searching muumuu, mumu, muumuu dress, or the like just because i wrote one post about how i thought grandma was reading my daughter a book about muumuu’s when really she was saying moo-moo instead of cow. This makes the second thing today that made me say “and i thought i’d seen everything.

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