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Everyone from indie kids to headbangers navigated norway’s fast-growing festival, which featured not only local favorites like 120 days and the new violators, but morrissey, beck, the knife, yoko ono, and many more. That’s probably the most obvious thing,” naeem states from the outset. I just feel fortunate and lucky that i was able to connect and have the opportunity to work with freedia and go in the studio, then being able to follow her around to all these different parties she was doing in new orleans, just being a part of that scene. With a brash aesthetic which reaches above and beyond the music, naeem has seen his influence shine through in more ways than one in the years following his breakthrough. I’m so happy i can be part of this new inspiration, this new voice in equality and music and culture in general,” naeem raises. In the past 18 months, philadelphia-based wesley pentz (aka diplo aka wes gully aka dj diplodocus aka captain no format.


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Spank rock studio. There’s a safe environment for them to have control over their sexuality. Even though they might be wearing the glasses, it doesn’t mean they really understand why they are doing it. Sxsw 2006 photo diary, pt. As a producer, i feel like i might know what i’m doing now, where with. They’re like, ‘oh, this is cool now? ok, let’s just put these on,’ y’know? i don’t think i have too many peers.

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I’m so stoked that i got to play a part in championing her voice forward,” he muses. I don’t think anyone’s produced what i’ve produced on this record either,” he assesses.

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