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Better read your bible again, instead of believing everything people tell you is in there. One minute into queueing, i decided i might just freeze to death before i even take the test. I hope this helps you understand why some very loving parents still hit their child. That they somehow are raging brutes who always spank their children in the most humiliating, demeaning way, without a legitimate reason. Let’s assume that you as a parent are more interested in shaping your children’s behavior than you are in using physical punishment as a means of venting your own anger and frustration.

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Spank my bottom failed driving test. Day of the test comes and she’s doing fantastic; a few minors here and there and no majors. He also becomes defiant when i yell. Only a child that is treated with disrespect would be so extremely disrespectful to a parent. Is it ok if i hit you because you do something i deem unacceptable? of course not. The overwhelming evidence from countless psychological and medical studies on parental disciplining practices weighs in decidedly against hitting children. Well, actually my car failed. That is true, if you don’t pass it just means you weren’t ready.


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From about 4-12 years old. If you were raising your kids better in the first place, they would respect and listen to you and you wouldn’t have to resort to spanking. He was nervous during the examination.

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