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To go about spanking your girlfriend. Bend her over your knee. It’s something fun you can do together. Spanking is a huge turn-on for her. She needs a whole bunch of smacks, on after the other so she can feel better afterwards and be more pleasant to be round afterwards. It came in the mail yesterday and i am nervous. I have very little time for reading blogs, and i find that so many of them, with their stream-of-consciousness style, tend to move in circles, parabolas, and spirals, leaving confused (and often annoyed) one who makes part of his living both reading and writing research articles and legal reports.

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Should i spank my girlfriend. I hope it will help me with my boyfriend, that is a very spanko-shy. Some girls like also to be an object of desire, the power exchange, to offer them self like a kinky present, to suffer like a martyr, the thrilling humiliation and the unique feeling of submissiveness, the intensity, the refreshing / vitalizing feeling, the erotic details, some does even love the ritual and special discipline or just that it is rather extreme. I guess i never considered maintenance spanking, although i would accept and respect that completely if he were to do it, but i really feel the need for him to spank me more consistently in response to my behaviors or attitudes that come up from time to time. The catch-all phrase of the day was defraud, which had a broader meaning than it does these days.

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One recurrent message is only bad men hit women. *try telling her to bend over the foot of the bed. I hope it helps all those poor women who’s husband are spanking shy.

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