Shinji masturbates asuka



There’s more backstory to it and more focus on rei than in the series. That’s the thing about evangelion: you can’t just watch it, you have to study it. Every time i watch it i go for a few days just haunted by the events of the movie unable to get it off my mind, trying to construct in my mind a valid explanation for the events that occurred. It’s almost crazy to think that permanently killing erectile dysfunction can be done using simple, all-natural treatment options. If i may add something, i’d say that the final chapter with shinji and asuka represented adam and eve, with the “beginning” as the end. Asuka wakes up when he needs her instead of remaining comatose. The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth.


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Shinji masturbates asuka. Shinji thought as he risked peeking his head back into room. The only difference being that while he’s choking her she wakes up and catches him in the act. I know no ones commented on this in a while, but i thouhgt i’d share. The ending basically shows that the real shinji, he tries to strangle and kill asuka as he knows his imagining things but in the end fail because he can’t do it. If anyone wants a decent analysis, do yourself a favor and skip this. I’ve really come to not buy these kinds of readings into eva. To punish rei-shinji/shogoki for trespassing into their domain of power.

Pobodys nerfect: top 10 dumbest evangelion moments[eva] did shinji rape unconscious asuka?Is this a true scene in the end of evangelion? - quora


She builds her confidence and meaning of life in her success, only that matters. Those droning cicada sounds are still imprinted in my mind. Concurrently, rei is instigating the spread of instrumentality across the world, in a beautiful rise of green crosses.

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