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A popular option is to have the procedure on a friday, then take off the weekend, the next work week and the following weekend. In rare instances, it may last three to six months. If the patient is in a job situation where a pink face is not an option, then two weeks off may be necessary. There is also a risk of harmful eye exposure to laser surgery. Keloid scars are thick, raised scar formations. Please also follow the instructions for all other prescribed pain medication is needed post treatment. It’s great for those with very dry skin, oily skin and acne because it hydrates without oil.


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How are fractional co2 laser treatments performed?


Post co2 facial laser treatment. The co2 laser causes redness for about one week and then the skin is pink in color for another several weeks. Gentle and helps with early fine lines and crepeyness. How do you, as a consumer, figure it out? first, find a reputable cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon (see the section on finding a good doctor). If you can tolerate 7 days of downtime, you would generally need only 1 or 2 fractional co2 treatment. At 10 to 12 days, the patient can wear makeup to cover the pinkness. Many choose to have wrinkle relaxers such as botox cosmetic, dysport or xeomin to reduce unwanted wrinkles caused by muscle contraction in addition to having dermal fillers such as restylane, restylane lyft, juvederm and belotero to plump and fill areas where volume has been lost such as the cheeks, nasolabial folds, lower eyelids and lips.

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Generally, by the third or fourth week, the majority of the pinkness is gone and the positive effects of the laser resurfacing can be appreciated. Most people feel very little pain during treatment due to the measures discussed above. Immediately after laser surgery, there will be swelling of the skin.

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