Pistol in anus


Man hides gun in rectum: michael leon ward smuggled 10-inch weapon, cops say | huffpost

But yeah, this guy is dumb. It will also provide everyone on staff with a great story for their next cocktail party. In this condition a normal anus and vagina lie with their edges touching, without the normal strip of skin intervening. Patient was referred to the radiology department for evaluation of the defect. If not a new meaning it definitely makes for a new mental image. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of mailonline. Lee, 21, on a contempt of court warrant friday afternoon,


Ectopic anus with barrel gun perineum rare type of anorectal anomalyWhere would a bullet shot at the anus exit? for those with penises, could the bullet exit there? - quora

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Anal gun fucking - superzooiPolice say nj man, darquan lee hides gun in anusMark gregory valadez, inmate smuggled loaded gun into prison via his anus

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Pistol in anus. For such a complicated surgery, one should have a very clear picture of the anatomy, variations and any fistulous communication for a successful surgery. To infinity and beyond. Hate to shoot the shit with him. The comments below have been moderated in advance. When the man, later identified as robert leo casey, 49, was pulled over along i-95, he was still struggling to put his clothes back on, according to the arrest report. 38-calibre revolver in his rectum, police reports say. This offhand, throwaway (but funny) remark certainly has prompted a lot of discussion.

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Cns / respiratory / cardiovascular / per abdomen examination revealed no significant abnormality. Mri of the pelvis was performed on a 0.