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I find it even more humilating to slap him across his face when i have other women present. Some naughtiness at school; a neighbour complaining about a football being kicked against the house, scrumping apples. I was there only about 10 days when i had drank to much at a nearby bar and came back to their place and in my drucken confusion i fell asleep naked in their bed. I believe i detected a hint of admiration behind his by now very watery hazel eyes. His temples shone with perspiration. Eventually he summoned up enough wit to send me on my way.

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Mem spank men. This website uses cookies to enchance your experiance. They drove to a pub, wanting to avoid ones nearby where the players might be drinking. He would never tell the boy but he is rather impressed with his fortitude. When she finished, she said something before letting me up that made me become hard again, causing her to laugh and me to blush. First, try refreshing the page and clicking current location again. Fortescue catches his breath and slowly paces the study and opens the door to his cupboard. I was spanked bare bottom by my mom as a child and all up to teenage years.


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By charles hamilton the second

He must say he is sorry and beg my forgiveness or i get out my small whip. His legs felt weak and he had to lean on the desk for a couple of moments before he got his balance. His school blazer, shirt and white vest had ridden up his back.