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If we really want to eliminate bad behavior, we need to spank long and hard, with tears flowing for the majority of the punishment. The house of sissify is the best site that this sissy has found. About halfway through the movie i sent mr stern a text message asking for permission to play with my cunt and ass, telling him what i was watching. This site is sooooo cool. This four-part series is designed to help you chart a course that will nurture and fortify your child’s sexual development.


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Masturbation assignments as punishment. While making sure impressionable or non-consenting people do not see, take them into your garden, blindfold them and tie them to a bench, leaving them there until you decide to retrieve them. Demand that they perform some sexual activity that they do not particularly like. This will immediately help them relieve some of the sexual energy that has probably built up in anticipation of the spanking. This is the greatest find to date. While this title of this guide is masturbation for women, the truth is that not all women’s bodies are the same. Punishment is a pretty strong word.


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A lot of people into spanking spend a lot of time on their computer. Masturbating is less like scratching and itch and more like unleashing the sexual energy within. But are you like 9 years old? if you cannot hold soup cans extended for a few hours, you need to do more pushups and pullups.

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