Flicker ballet fetish


Tango fire

Continuously reconfiguring their position around a single, human dancer, the ensemble produces a mesmerizing play of shadow and light. It was a body predicated upon a radical undermining of the naturalized and reified normative role for woman brought by modernity as glittering spectacle of flesh, standing between the fetish of the commodity and the exoticism of the primitive. German cornejo is the chief choreographer of the five couples in ensemble numbers that are crisply and elegantly staged, and include surprises such as an amusing all-male item. I managed to lead the lovely melody celatti around the now decidedly more crowded stage without bumping into anyone.

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Fall for dance festival 2017

Flicker ballet fetish. She looses her balance as fast as she recovers it, she moves about the stage following the momentum of her body just to contradict it right away. It was actually a little nerve-wracking. Instead of an icon, iconoclasm. We enter into a sacred space. It’s currently installed at the museum of modern art, in new york.


Perth 2016

Yanina fajar and her partner, mariano balois, make wonderful use of their hips: swung and tilted, with bold angles through the opened thigh. As jensen and aiken suggest, It is a world of celebrity and commodity, a world of smooth and shiny surfaces, a hallucinatory reality, nothing more.