Female soldiers peeing in iraq

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Dressed to kill: us army finally designs a female uniform that fits | the independent

You still have to be attracted to someone for them to distract you. Honestly, i think jessica lynch’s media exposure wasn’t because she was a woman. One was wearing a walt disney t-shirt with mickey mouse on it. There’s half-naked guys and pictures of naked women, calendars. Aren’t going to get their dick through a zipper (or whatever) and aimed neatly into the top of a bottle either. But my experience and my gut tell me otherwise.


Living and fighting alongside men, and fitting in - the new york timesFemale soldiers died of dehydration rather than risk sexual assault

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Female soldiers peeing in iraq. From the conflict in afghanistan since 2006 and from the war in iraq between 2003 and 2009. But the fact that there aren’t very many doesn’t mean we should have a law against it. ‘it’s fine,’ you say, so that nothing worse happens. The woman who wrote that article is just stupid in ways that make me wonder how she got into the military in the first place. But that’s not what she’s arguing. I’m just about done with this beer, but i’ll be lifting the next one to you.


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The wars in iraq and afghanistan are the first in which tens of thousands of american military women have lived, worked and fought with men for prolonged periods. Chances are that you’ll have to do it yourselves. Then i heard the explosion.

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