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Epilogue to the story of the farm. I laughed loudly and told him he was a loser, that i’d found someone much better and had indeed fucked him. She dangled it just out of his reach for long seconds, then started to rub it across his tongue, back and forth in short strokes. You don’t know control and power over a man until you have cuckolded him, especially if you incorporate orgasm denial along with the cuckolding. A white mother in new orleans was in financial trouble and did the unthinkable. She slid her hips away, teasing both of them, letting the orgasm slip away, forcing his lips and his tongue back down her thighs, away from her cunt.

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Female domination stories only. Then i told him that i had been fucking my old boyfriend and i was enjoying it. The sharp stinging mixed with her juices that filled his eager mouth. Unfortunately that has happened a number of times and i never get use to doing it but it is a part of the process. Her words energized him, and he scampered up onto the bed, lying his torso down and gently placing his lips on one ass cheek.

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It took me a while but i did start to see that having my lover spend weekends at our house was getting too much for my husband to bear. My husband introduced me to his submissive fantasies when we were still dating and i came to enjoy dominating him some in the bedroom.