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If women cant see thst i am a great guy then screw them all!!! Most people who are overweight usually eat unhealthy foods, don’t exercise, and simply eat too much. My guess is that they are still dreaming about that prince, like little girls, hoping that an awesome guy will fall in love with them. Not because i do not want a partner but more the quality (not looks) of the woman i met. Your entire comment is bullshit and its not surprising.

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Dating site for bigger men and women chubby chase. Was a clueless dunderhead who tripped over everything. Women can cheat for a very very long time and husbands are clueless & usually the last to know. Com provides a comfortable and safe dating environment for users to help them find their best match. It’s awful! prose is not my strength. The last one was the worse ,no help at all. Shaming is superficial, judgmental and downright cruel but it’s also in someone’s full control which is why i will not accept it.

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Ridiculous and childish comment. There is nothing to lose and you just might find that partner who has eluded you for all these years. I used to date a lot of skinny chicks.

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