Chicken fried recipe strip


Substituted penzey’s roasted garlic for garlic powder, held salt til after the chicken was fried and draining, omitted cheese. I prepared these tonight and they were delicious. Which in my house is a huge compliment. Do not walk away for one second & every once & a while you will have to move the pan off the heat. The chicken on the inside was perfectly cooked, tender and juicy! will definitely add this to my dinner rotation! This hit every spot going and have already emailed the link to several of my nearest and dearest. I usually saute as is.


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Chicken fried recipe strip. This will go onto our menu rotation. The flavor was wonderful and tasted exactly like southern fried chicken. This is a question rather than a review, how can it be so low in saturated fat with an egg and parmesan cheese? i would love to try it but am concerned. This is definitely the best strip recipe. I followed the recipe except i only used one chicken breast for the two of us. I don’t have an electric skillet, but a regular non-stick skillet worked just fine and i cooked the chicken for about 5 minutes on each side to get that perfect golden color and crisp. The only negative is that the first batch had lost a lot of that crispness by the time the last batch was done frying, even resting on paper in a warming drawer.

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Delicious! this is something i know i’ll crave having tried it already. Beautiful crunchy chicken that the coating stays put when you cut it with a fork.