Boondocks cartoon strip

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Boondocks creator talks about comic strip

Lazzo contacted the cartoonist and asked to look at the pilot. Beginning wednesday, the paper printed a tiny line under the strip that said, “this strip has been previously published. He was the innocence and wonder that hip-hop seemed to not lose, but bury in the basement of some unnamed tenement. All of this speaks to the crisis of black leadership. I use it,” he said.

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Boondocks cartoon strip. The “boondocks” characters, and their creator, were being mischievous and irreverent, in their mind’s view of the world, about a high-profile public figure, and that seems okay to me. The front page of the internet. Reddit and the alien logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. Those who work with mr. Usually if you’re doing that job well, you’re dead by 34, which is not in my plans,” he said. Still, it would not be an aaron mcgruder production if it were not controversial and “the boondocks” is sure to inspire heated conversation. Mcgruder often uses the strip to make fun of prominent political and entertainment figures.

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Hey! just wanted to say that i didn’t know the bonndocks was back on air. ) unlike the strip, mr. Two months later, the strip began appearing in the hip-hop magazine the source.

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