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Its range was particularly restricted during the lgm, despite the greater available sunda land masses. All mitogenomes represented individual haplotypes, indicating maternal unrelatedness of all samples. Some of which are thousands of years old, most cat breeds were developed within the past 150 years, mainly in europe and the united states [. The human/cat relationship was beneficial for the control of crop-destroying rodents, which had also joined their evolutionary fate to human civilization. ), sri lankan cats and the abyssinian breed bridged cats of the east and west, perhaps resulting from maritime trade routes in the arabian sea or again from recent british colonialism.

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Asian cat 3. Illegal immigrants from mainland china are smuggled into hong kong. The american samples were included with the european populations, as no domestic cats were indigenous to the americas. Although there was a clear reduction of colour morphs towards peninsular malaysia and sumatra, the asian golden cats cannot be assigned to any population based on their coloration (no colour morph was specific to any particular population). This change occurred 10,000-11,000 years ago, and was made possible by the domestication of certain wild grains and grasses [. Bootstrap values above 50% are presented on relationship nodes.


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African/mediterranean/asian cats (red) separate from southeast asian (green) and european (blue) populations. ) suggested that this species was probably confined to borneo throughout the late pleistocene. Thank you for your interest in spreading the word on open science.

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