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The surgeon should also speak to you about the amount of breast tissue that will remain after surgery and future screening for breast implant ruptures and breast cancer. By the experts at aurora. Please use the form below to request a consultation at marina plastic surgery. While there will likely be no visible scar around your breast, you may have a scar on the underside of your arm. The unaltered breast will function normally while the obstructed ducts will not drain and the fluid will be absorbed. Please leave your contact info.

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Areola boob implants. You are not alone! good luck and congratulations with the baby. Silicone implants, what size implants fit you, and more. Although the oft-dreaded vertical scar is avoided, the tradeoff is the final shape of the breast could wind up being more boxy than round, while the sutures may result in a puckering of the skin along the breast crease. Most of the milk glands and ducts are in the central and upper pole of the breast. Protective sleeves are used when inserting the breast implant to protect the breast ducts and to reduce the risk of infection.

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As with any incision used for breast augmentation, the areolar incision will require time for recovery. This is because the implant is rolled up and inserted through the incision.

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