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She was married twice, to francis gorden howley and richard aldrich, as well as having an affair with the author daphne du maurier. They are often stereotyped as being sexually confused and highly promiscuous. She had a well-publicized relationship with ellen from 1997 to 2000 and is now married to men in trees co-star, james tupper. Cullen was married twice, and also had a long relationship with harold jackman. She won a tony award for best actress for premiering the role of anna in “the king and i”. Most of my sexual experiances have been with the same sex.


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Ar bisexual fun. I’m not marrying to same sex. Cheating is a personality trait not a sexuality trait. I’m attracted to both guys and girls and it really isn’t that complicated. In fact, the only one confused in this situation are the biphobes. In 2016 beatriz came out as bi on twitter.

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In a 2003 interview for “20/20”, when barbara walters asked angelina jolie if she was bisexual, she responded, “of course. Towards the end of season 2, her recaps on mamamia.

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