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Garlic doesn’t seem to bother me. Tired of sticking my finger up my ass to scratch. So if you’re sitting in your sweaty leggings for long periods of time, it can lead to a fungal infection between the cheeks. If not, find colorectal surgeon.


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Anus feels like scratchy. I did this every time i used the toilet for a week. Some guy figured out how to fix this condition and has his own website. Then tried some aloe vera gel which can be purchased in homeopathic stores like holland & barrett. Creams helped a little, but not enough. I look at this site and there are so many people suffering this annoying problem like i did.


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After lent, i resumed my usual (poor) diet. After 12 hours the skin around the anus had dried out and shrunk back to nearly normal size. I quit using any kind of soap/cleanser and now just use plain water.

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